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Born in Zhitomir region, Ukraine. In 1982 graduated Penza Art College named after K. A. Savickiy, departmemt of easel painting. In 1992 graduated Knarkov Institute of Art and Industry, department of monumental and decorative painting. Since 1990 took part in art exhibitions. Was a member of youth association of National Union of Artists in Ukraine since 1992. Since 1995 was a member of National Union of Artists in Ukraine. Author's works are presented in private collections in France, USA, Great Britain, Germany and Canada.

Was a curator of international symposium of contemporary art "Biruchiy" in 2006-2008. 

Selected exhibitions and art-projects:

- solo:

2007 "Mirror" & "Songs of the Sea", together with V. Gulich,  LENIN art-gallery,  Zaporizhya, Ukraine.
2006 Holiday  versions,  together  with  E. Kudinova,  A. Gladkiy,  A. Borisov,  Kharkov  Municipal Art Gallery,  Kharkiv, Ukraine.
  Seasonal migration, "Na Spasskoy" gallery, Mykolaiv, Ukraine.
2005 Versions, together with E. Kudinova,  A. Gladkiy,  S. Goryunov,  Kharkov  Municipal  Art  Gallery, Kharkiv, Ukraine.

- group:

2008 Who are you?, international symposium of contemporary art "Biruchiy 008", Zaporozhye, Ukraine.
2007 Hippie E!, international symposium of contemporary art "Biruchiy 007", Zaporozhye, Ukraine.
2006 Landscape for a hero, international symposium of contemporary art "Biruchiy 006", Zaporozhye, Ukraine.
2002 G.A. Bondarenko Memorial, Kharkov Municipal Art Gallery, Kharkov, Ukraine.
  Любовь, похожая на "Song", Chernigov, Ukraine. 
  "Культурные герои" ART-Festival, project "Любовь, похожая на "Song", RA Gallery, Kiev, Ukraine.
2000 Царский проект, Magdeburg, Germany.
1999 Megalomania..., Kharkov Municipal Art Gallery, Kharkiv, Ukraine.
1998 ІІІ International ART-Festival, Kiev, Ukraine.
1997 is a member of international art project "Face to Face", Chernovci, Ukraine.