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Born in 1968. Graduated Kiev National Art Academy, department of art-graphic in 1994. In 2003 - is a prizewinner of All-Ukrainian Young Artists Competition "START" in nomination "Visual Art". 2000 - is a diplomat of the "New Trends" exhibition, Ukraine Artists Union Gallery, Kiev. Since 1999 - has a residence in  München Kunstakademie. Lives and works in Kiev. 

Selected exhibitions and art-projects:

- solo:

2012    Mixed parallel program Arsenale 2012, Collection Gallery, Kiev, Ukraine.
2009     RESTART, Sea Art-Terminal, Odessa, Ukraine.
              Giant Balls and Pocket Auto, COLLECTION Gallery, Kiev, Ukraine.
2008     A Big Walk, COLLECTION Gallery, Kiev, Ukraine.
2007     Coloring tests, "Kien Fine Art" Gallery, Kiev, Ukraine.  
2006     Ukraine, forward!, REGINA Gallery, Moscow, Russia.
              ART-Moscow, Central House of Artist, Moscow, Russia.
              "…", "L-ART" Gallery, Kiev, Ukraine.
              "…", "L-ART" Gallery, Berlin, Germany.
2005     Snowdrops, painting, KARAS GALLERY, Kiev, Ukraine.
2001     Light.Lab, RA Gallery, Kiev, Ukraine.
2000     New painting, "L-ART" Gallery, Kiev, Ukraine.
1995     Just painting, "Blank Art" Gallery, Kiev, ukraine.  

- group:

2013     Modern Ukrainian artists, Saatchi Gallery, London, Great Britain.
              Odessa Biennale of Contemporary Art, Odessa, Ukraine.
              August Agenda, Dymchuk Gallery, Kiev, Ukraine.
              According to Forbes, the City Museum “Spiritual Treasures of Ukraine”, Kiev, Ukraine.
              Star Wars, The Art Center, Odessa, Ukraine.
2010     Ukrainian Alternative. XX, Dukat gallery, Kiev, Ukraine.
              At the Surface, "Kien Fine Art" Gallery, Kiev, Ukraine.  
2009     Tree stories, Art-Moscow 2009, Central House of Artists, Moscow, Russia.
              Artists are painting (ballpen, A4), painting, KARAS GALLERY, ART-Vilnius, Ukraine-Lithuania.
2008     Bloomsday’08, Contemporary Art festival, COLLECTION Gallery, Kiev, Ukraine.
2007     On Geekdom: artists of post-soviet area, ART-Athena, Benaki Museum, Athens, Greece.
              Hippie E!, international symposium of contemporary art "Biruchiy 007", Zaporozhye, Ukraine.                 Bloomsday’07, Contemporary Art festival, COLLECTION Gallery, Kiev, Ukraine. 
              Kiev Winter, "Bereznitsky Gallery", Berlin, Germany.
2006     SHARGOROD art-festival, "Weekend", "L-ART" Gallery, Kiev, Ukraine.
2005     ZOO, RA Gallery, Kiev, Ukraine. 
              Beauty Free Shop, Prague, Czech Republic
              Russia-2: Bad News from Russia, "White Box" Gallery, New York, USA.
2004     ART-Cologne, international art-fair, Cologne, Germany.
              ART-Moscow, international art-fair, Central House of Artist, Moscow, Russia.
              Romanticism period, Artists Union Gallery, Kiev, Ukraine. 
2003     START, "L-ART" Gallery, Kiev, Ukraine.
              Documenta-2003. Ukraine, Regensburg, Germany.
2002     Painting from the first person, ART Manege-2002, Moscow, Russia.
              Blue clay, GELMAN Gallery, Kiev, Ukraine.
2001     Brand-Ukrainian, Conemporary art centre, National University of "Kyiv-Mohyla Academy", Kiev,               Ukraine.
2000     Present photoes of Ukraine, Thessaloniki, Greece.
              Interspace, Hehie Onstad Kunstsenter, Oslo, Norway.