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Born in 1962. Graduated in 1985 Moscow Graphic Arts Institute, in 1993 - Ecole supérieure des Beaux Arts de Paris, in 1992 - Contemporary Art Center "Villa Arson", Nice, France. Is a member of National Union of Artists in Ukraine since 1987. Took part in more than 150 group contemporary art exhibitions in Ukraine, Austria, Denmark, Spain, Italy, Germany, Poland, Russia, Slovakia, Sweden. Is an artist, art-critic. Lives and works in Kiev, Ukraine.


Selected exhibitions and art-projects:

2007-2011      Chief editor of the journal "GALLERY".
1993-2000      Chief editor of the journal "Terra incognita".
1995-1997      Art-director of "Slavutich" Gallery.
2003-2008      An expert of the International Fund "Pro Helvetia".
2005-2006      An expert of the Contemporary Art Center "Soros".
2004                 Tne Research engineer of MODERN ART RESEARCH INSTITUTE, Kiev, Ukraine.
2003                 50th Venice Biennale, Venice, Italy.
                          Co-organizer of the Biennale "Month of photography in Kiev", Kiev, Ukraine.
2002                 Co-organizer of the presentation of the international club "1/1", Moscaw, Russia.
                          Co-organizer of the exhibition "Triad", Grassimuseum, Leipzig, Germany.
1991                 Is a member of the club "1/1", Moscaw, Russia.
1990                 Is a member of the international association "Art of the peoples of the world", Moscaw, Russia.

Is an author of:

12 solo expositions; articles in periodicals: "Art Line", "Арт-курсив", "Українське мистецтво",  "Art Ukraine", "Fine Art", "Кінець кінцем", "Кіно-Коло", "Україна", Springerin (Austria), "Искусство" (Russia); articles in research collection, "Мистецтвознавство України", "Художня культура. Актуальні проблеми", "Сучасне мистецтво", "Нариси історії українського мистецтва ХХ ст.", ...