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Born in 1965. Graduated in 1900 Novosibirsk Architect Institute. Since 1998 - video and multimedia. Works in genre of short film, video-installations, flash-animation. Since 2001 has been working with video performances - ака vj db. Since 2000 - is a founder of international Extra Short Film festival ESF, Lives and works in Moscow, Russia. Web-site:




Awards and Special Prizes:

2010 Short list at Kandinsky prise.
2007 Media Forum in framework of MIFF, Grand-prize for "After party".
2006 15th "Kinoshock", Anapa, Russia, Prize of international jury for "To mascow".
2005 "Videologia", International Video Festival , Volgograd, Russia. Grand-prize for "Vodka & Joints".
2004 Kannes Festival, Moscow, Prize jury for "Fine correction".
  STYK, Festival of alternative film, Moscow, Prize jury for "Baby Boom".
2003 Media Forum in framework of MIFF, Grand — prize for "Rhythms of kebab".


Selected exhibitions and art-projects:

- solo:

2016 Everything will change, the Central Committee of Ordzhonikidze region, Ekaterenburg, Russia.
  Selected Works, Small Hall of CCA "Zary", Vladivostok, Russia.
  Apiary, "Manege", Moscow, Russia.
2015 It is not a fish, not slaves, Gallery "Triangle", Moscow, Russia.
  Decoration, DEAC, Montenegro.
  Nothing is perfect, Multimedia Art Museum, Moscow, Russia.
2013 David and the company, VGLAZ community, Moscow, Russia.
  New Works, SCCA, Novosibirsk, Russia.
2012 Finita dolce vita, SCCA, Novosibirsk, Russia.
  So, NCCA, Tomsk, Russia.
  Exorcism as a show, Kirov, Russia.
  High-rise buildings – Zombie, Kostroma, Russia.
2011 Storm, Museum of Contemporary Art, Perm, Russia.
  Nutrient blend, SCCA, Novosibirsk, Russia.
2010 Trying, Museum of Contemporary Art, Perm, Russia.
  Four ballets, SCCA, Novosibirsk, Russia.
2009 Flowers, Project "Fabrica", Moscow, Russia.
  Behind the Glass, Assembly Hall, "Factory" project, Moscow, Russia.
2009 Flowers, video, Assembly hall, "Factory" project, Moscow, Russia.
2008 Колбаsа, video, interactive installation, "Contemporary city" fund, Moscow, Russia. 
  Припасы, photo, "Reflex" Gallery, Moscow, Russia.
1998 Message Salon Gallery, Zurich, Switzerland.
  Electrical, Novosibirsk Picture Gallery, Novosibirsk, Russia.
1997 Night life, "Message Salon", Zurich, Switzerland.
  Groove, installation, Artist’s Space, Berlin, Germany.
1996 Art Gallery of Novosibirsk, Novosibirsk, Russia.
  Art Gallery of Novosibirsk, Novosibirsk, Russia.
  Art Museum, Ekaterinburg, Russia.
  Gallery 103, St. Petersburg, Russia.
1994 dnb, City’s Museum of Fine Arts, Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg, Russia.
1993 Heroes are dreaming, Gallery 2001, Sankt-Petersburg, Russia.

- group:

2016 Geometry’s History, exhibition hall "Olivier" (CCA Factory), Moscow, Russia.
  Russian Space, MAMM, Moscow, Russia.
2015 Pink Box, "Erarta", St. Petersburg, Russia.
  Nonsense, the collective anti-cinema.
  No time, for Rover project of the 6th Moscow Biennale, "Winery", Moscow, Russia.
  Resident of DEAC, Budva, Montenegro.
2014 Where we are, Trade presentation project, Gogol Center, Moscow, Russia.
  What is our ruins, Wind’s Workshops, Rennes, France.
  Pussy Rayot and Cossacks, Museum, Boden, Sweden.
  The reason for the peace, Parallel program Manifesto 10, Street Art Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia.
  Boatmen: Between Europe and Asia, NCCA, Samara, Russia.
2013 ARTe Video Night, Palais de Tokyo, Paris, France.
  Sunny side of Lenin street, TMprojects, Geneva, Switzerland.
  Parts of the whole, "Winery", Moscow, Russia.
  Now & After, international festival of video art, Museum of Contemporary Art, Moscow, Russia.
  The United States of Siberia, loft "Floors", St. Petersburg, Russia; Marat Guelman’s gallery in the center of the modern art "Winery", Moscow, Russia.
  Resident of Ateliers du Vent, Rennes, France.
2012 In absolute mess, Center of Santa Monica, Barcelona, ​​Spain.
  Plum fest, design and architecture ARTPLAY Center, Moscow, Russia.
  Russian Renaissance, "Brotkunsthalle", Vienna, Austria.
  ArtArbaFest, Almaty, Kazakhstan.
  Factories of the imagination, Art Center Station, Kostroma, Russia.
2011 Russian Space, Museum of Contemporary Art Castello di Rivoli, Turin, Italy.
  Media-kick, IV Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art, Moscow, Russia.
  Home Video, Moscow’s Museum of Modern Art, Moscow, Russia.
  Commercial Break, 54 Venice Biennale, Venice, Italy.
  Fashion and Style in Photography, The 7th International Festival, Moscow, Russia.
2010 ARTe Video Night, FIAC, Paris, France.
  A prizewinner of the "Kandinsky award", Central House of Artist, Moscow, Russia.
  Esthetics against information, ССА, Klaipeda, Lithuania.
  Russian utopias, Garage Center of Contemporary Culture, Moscow, Russia.
  Resident of Ateliers du Vent, Rennes, France.
2009 Сверхновая вещественность, 3d Moscow bienalle, Moscow, Russia.  
  I was Russia, Dunedin, New Zealand.
  Scope Art Fear, New York, USA.
2008 Sicherheit, Content Art e. V., Berlin, Germany.
  I believe, Winery, Moscaw, Russia.
  RUSSIA, Art Basel Miami Beach 2008, Miami, USA.
2006 d/ART festival, Sydney, Australia.
  Participant of the 51th Flaherty seminar, Pokipsy, USA.
2005 54s Short Film Festival, Oberhausen, Germany.
  O.K. America!, Apex Art gallery, New York, USA.
2004 Faster then history, KIASMA, Helsinki, Finland.
  New Russian video, Art in General, New York, USA. 
  Resident of Couvent de Recollets, Paris, France.
2003 New Countdown, GELMAN Gallery, Central House of Artist, Moscow, Russia.
  MAD’3, Madrid, Barcelona, Spain.
2002 Davaj! Давай!, Berlin, Germany.
  Davaj! Давай!, Vienna, Austria.
  Participant of the art-placement program in UK, London, Britport, UK.
2001 7th annual festival of experimental films, Windsor, Canada.
  1th International Biennial in Valencia, Valencia, Spain.
  1th International Tirana Biennial, Tirana, Albania.
2000 16-th International Short Film Festival, Hamburg, Germany.
  Bunter hund, Short film festival, Munich, Germany.