Born in Odesa in 1961. Graduated from Odesa Pedagogical University, department of Fine Arts in 1983. Was one of the founders of the "New Art" Association in 1993, Odesa. Since 1993 had been working as art-director in this association, from 1999 to 2001 worked as its director. Worked as a director of M. Gelman gallery in Kyiv. Is a member of National Artist's Union of Ukraine since 1989. Painting. Author's works are presented in MoMA, New York, Tretyakov state gallery, Moscow, Kyiv National Russian Art Museum, St Petersburg, PinchukArtCentre, Kyiv, The Odesa Fine Arts museum. Lives and works in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Selected exhibitions and art-projects:


2002 Xenophilia, in cooperation with A.Soloviev, gallery of M.Gelman, Kyiv, Ukraine.
  Julia did not go anywhere, the Museum of Western and Eastern Art, Odesa, Ukraine.
  Flashback, gallery "Tirs", Odesa, Ukraine.
1998 Looking eye, gallery "Tirs", Odesa, Ukraine.
  Off-graphics, Art Museum, Odesa, Ukraine.
  Academy of the Cold, Art Museum, Odesa, Ukraine.
1996 Phantom - Opera, in collaboration with M.Rashkovetsky and E.Mikhailovskaya, Small stage of the Opera and Ballet Theater, Odesa, Ukraine.
1995 Exhibition triptych: Kandinsky Syndrome, Historical and Local History Museum, Odesa, Ukraine.
  Cabinet of Dr. Frankenstein, House of Scientists, Odesa, Ukraine.
1994 Free Zone, Art Museum, Odesa, Ukraine.
  Lux ex tenebris, Center for Contemporary Art "Tirs", Odesa, Ukraine.
1991 New Figures, Literary Museum, Odesa, Ukraine.

- solo:

2018 Metaphysics of the World, Invogue art gallery, Odesa, Ukraine.
2017 Тhe gallant era of the Enlightenment, Art Ukraine Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine.
2016 Roitburd in museum, Kyiv National Russian Art Museum, Kyiv, Ukraine.
2015 Alive Nature, "Dukat" art gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine.
  Roitburd - variations (within the framework of the I International Music Festival "Odessa Classics"), Odessa’s Museum of Western and Eastern Art, Odesa, Ukraine.
2014 Gets a mantra away!, Shcherbenko Art Center, Kyiv, Ukraine.
2013 Imaginarium, Dymchuk Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine. 
2012 Arthouse, Alexander Korobchinsky art-center, Odesa, Ukraine.
2011 14.14.14 (Le Roi Soliel), Hudpromo gallery, Odesa, Ukraine.
  Scrabble, M&J Guelman gallery, Moscow, Russia.
2010 Roitburd VS Caravaggio, Collection Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine.
2009 Museum Size 2Х3, Kyiv National Russian Art Museum, Kyiv, Ukraine.
2008 A Ball at the Folies-Bergere, NT-Art gallery, Оdesa, Ukraine.
2007 The Amalgam Project, Collection Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine. 
2006 The Meat, Tseh Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine.
  Man/Woman origin, L-ART gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine.
2005 The Tango, Karas Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine.
2001 Crucified Buddha, Kyiv Historical museum, Kyiv, Ukraine.
1993 Portrait, Ladies. In White, 1.0. gallery, M. Gelman gallry, School gallery, Moscow, Russia.
1991 Classics and Contemporaries, Contemporary art centre, Moscow, Russia.
  • group:
2018 Permanent revolution, Ludwig Museum, Budapest, Hungary.
2016 Odesa Contemporary Art, YermilovCenter, Kharkiv, Ukraine.
  Ukrainian art of XX-XXI centuries, Chocolate House, Kyiv, Ukraine.
2015 On a verge. Ukrainian Art 1985-2004, PinchukArtCentre, Kyiv, Ukraine.
  Paper. World. Art (within the framework of the V International Festival "Book’s Arsenal"), Art Arsenal, Kyiv, Ukraine.
2014  The Show within the Show, Art Arsenal, Kyiv, Ukraine.
  Fire of Love. Dedicated to Maidan square, Contemporary art center M17, Kyiv, Ukraine.
  Blinded by the Beauty, Modern Art Research Institute, Kyiv, Ukraine.
2013 Modern Ukrainian artists, Saatchi Gallery, London, Great Britain.
  Odesa Biennale of Contemporary Art, Odesa, Ukraine.
  August Agenda, Dymchuk Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine.
  All-Ukrainian art exhibition Great and Grand, Art Arsenal, Kyiv, Ukraine.
  According to Forbes, Museum of Spiritual Treasures of Ukraine, Kyiv, Ukraine.
  A race against time: The Art of the 1960s – early 2000s, National Art Museum of Ukraine, Kyiv, Ukraine.
  Odesa school. Traditions and actuality, Art Arsenal, Kyiv, Ukraine.
2012 Yellow giants, The Odesa Fine Arts museum, Odesa, Ukraine.
  Ordinary miracle, Odessa Jews artists, The Odesa Fine Arts museum, Odesa, Ukraine.
  Double game, ARSENALE 2012 Special Project, Art Arsenal, Kyiv, Ukraine.
  Myth Ukrainian baroque, The National Art Museum of Ukraine, Kyiv, Ukraine.
2011 20 years of presence, Modern art research institute, Kyiv, Ukraine.
  Independant, Art Arsenal, Kyiv, Ukraine.
2010 If. Ukrainian art in transition, Museum of contemporary art, Perm, Russia.
  Top 10 Odessa's artists, Hudpromo gallery, Odesa, Ukraine.
2009 RESTART, Marine Art – Terminal, Odesa, Ukraine.
2008 Bloomsday Contemporary Art Festival, Collection Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine. 
2007 Bloomsday Contemporary Art Festival, Collection Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine. 
  Ukrainian Contemporary Art, White Box gallery, New-York, USA.
  Gogolfest, Art Arsenal, Kyiv, Ukraine.
2005 The Reality Check, Ukrainian House, Kyiv, Ukraine.
2004  A Farewell to Arms, Arsenal, Kyiv, Ukraine.
2003 The First Collection, Central House of Artists, Kyiv, Ukraine.
2001 The Plateau of Mankind, The 49th Venice Biennale, Venice, Italy. 
2000 Open Ends, МоМА, New York, USA. 
  +, Moderna Gallery, Ljubljana, Slovenia.
1999 The Future is Now, Museum for Contemporary Art, Zagreb, Croatia.
1998 The Academy of Cold, Art Museum, Odesa, Ukraine. 
1996 The Phantom Opera, Small Scene of Opera and Ballet House, Odesa, Ukraine.
1995 The Frankenstein Cabinet, House of Academicians, Odesa, Ukraine. 
  The Kandinsky Syndrome, Museum of local lore and history, Odesa, Ukraine. 
  Configura 2, Ehrfurt, Germany.
1994 The Free Zone, Art Museum, Odesa, Ukraine.
1993 Angels under Ukraine, Apostolic Church. Edinburg, Great Britain. 
  Steppe of Europe, Ujazdowski Castle, Warsaw, Poland.
1991 The New Figurations, Museum of Literature, Odesa, Ukraine.