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Born in 1971 in Vasilkov, Kiev Region, Ukraine. In 1988 graduated from the Secondary Art School named after Taras Shevchenko. Is a member of National Union of Artists in Ukraine since 1999. Painting, drawing, video art, art objects. The author’s works are stored and collected in private collections and galleries in Ukraine, Russia, Germany, Italy, Spain, Japan. Lives and works in Kiev, Ukraine.

Selected exhibitions and art-projects:

- solo:

2009 Columbariy, peraffin, oil, author's technique, COLLECTION Gallery, Kiev, Ukraine.
  Golden eggs, vellum, oil, "Triumph" Gallery, Moscow, Russia. 
2008 Millet, vellum, wax, oil, Tsekh gallery, Kiev, Ukraine. 
  Simply, tracing paper, wax, oil, gallery TSEH, Kiev, Ukraine.
2007 Whirlpool, wax, oil, Kiev, Ukraine. 2005 Beach, painting, KARAS GALLERY, Kiev, Ukraine.
  News, painting, Gallery Triptych, Kiev, Ukraine.
2002 Science and Life, oil painting, Gallery RA, Kiev, Ukraine.
  Show of one man, painting, Karas Gallery, Kiev, Ukraine.
1999 Look at Ukraine, graphics, Passage du Retz, Paris, France.
  Giselle, video art, the club Saigon, Kiev, Ukraine.
1998 The Thirst - an interactive project of desire, video art, Cyber ​​Cafe, Kiev, Ukraine.
1995 Banana Republic, graphics, the Central House of Artists, Kiev, Ukraine.
1991 It's me - Ilya, graphics, paintings, Art Center Solsberry, London, Great Britain.

- group:

2010 New Man, international symposium of contemporary art BIRUCHIY 010, Zaporozhye, Ukraine.
  "...", A. Say, Zh. Kadyrova, Karas Gallery, Kiev, Ukraine.
2009 Artists are painting (ballpen, A4), painting, Karas Gallery, ART-Vilnius, Ukraine-Lithuania.
2004 A Farewell to Arms!, painting, Mystetskyi Arsenal, Kiev, Ukraine.  
2003 First collection, graphic, author's technique, Central House of Artist, Kiev, Ukraine.
  Documenta-2003, painting, Ukrainian Art Festival, "Ost Deutche Gallery", Regensburg, Germany.
2000 New aspiration, painting, Central House of Artist, Kiev, Ukraine.
  Alter natura, drawings, Soros Centre for Contemporary Art at Kyiv Mohyla Academy, Kiev, Ukraine.
1999 Dreamcatcher-1, International Festival of Video Art, Kiev, Ukraine.
   Yundabdie post! -99, painting, the International Festival of Young Artists, Berlin, Germany.
  Berlin Bunker, graphics, Kunstbunker, Nuremberg, Germany.
  Screening, video art, the Central House of Artists, Kiev, Ukraine.
1998 The Crimean Project, installation, Livadia Palace, Yalta, Crimea, Ukraine.
1996 The Hermetic Forest, painting, installation, Soros Center for Contemporary Art at Kyiv Mohyla Academy, Kiev, Ukraine.
  The product Fetishism, graphics, installation, International Art Festival, Ukrainian House, Kiev, Ukraine.
  The views with jam, graphic arts, installation, Soros Center for Contemporary Art at Kyiv Mohyla Academy, Kiev, Ukraine.
1995 The mouth of Medusa", installation, Center for Contemporary Art Brama, Kyiv, Ukraine.
  Barbaros, installation, Central House of Artists, Kiev, Ukraine.
  Black and white, sculpture, object, Center for Contemporary Art Brama, Kyiv, Ukraine.
1994  Cultural Revolution, graphic arts, Contemporary Art Festival, Ukrainian House, Kiev, Ukraine.
1993 Last tour (with Sergei Isupov), painting, gallery VAAL, Estonia.
  Gene Mutation" (with Ilya Chichkan), paintings, Exhibition Hall of Ukraine Artists Union, Kiev, Ukraine.  
1992 The end of the year, graphics, gallery "UKV", Kiev, Ukraine.
1991 Moscow in Cambridge, graphics, exhibition of young artists in London, Great Britain.
1989 Republican Exhibition of Young Artists, Central House of Artists, Kiev, Ukraine.