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Creative Association, founded in 2000. Was contained and worked side by side with a lot of artists, musicians and litterateurs. The association have published a journal named after itself, was a member of many exhibitions, including such art-projects as "Russia 2", "I believe", "ART-Moscow" and other. Works by GROUP PG are presented in The State Tretyakov Gallery (The National Museum of Russian Fine Art). GROUP PG is a prizewinner of the "Kandinsky award 2008" in nomination "Media-art".  Web-site:

Selected exhibitions and art-projects:

- solo:

2009 We go out, exposition (video-sculptures, posters), Rabuan-Mousson Gallery, Paris, France.
  This is the end, exposition (video-lightboxes, sculptures, objects), ZHIR Gallery, Moscow, Russia.
  Purification, exposition (video-lightboxes), "Saint-Sauveur" art-centre, Lille, France. 
2008 Out of view, posters, "Reflex" Gallery, Artstrelka, Moscow, Russia.
  Collapse of the epoch, exposition (video-lightboxes and graphic), "Rabuan-Mousson" Gallery,     Paris, France.
2007 Fame of Russia!, posters and video-lightboxes, BERLIN art-laboratory, Berlin, Germany.
2006 MUSE, installation, (print on plastic, video-proection), BROADWAY art-gallery, New York, USA.
  Brothers, installation (print on vinyl, video-proection), "Reflex" Gallery, Moscow, Russia.
2005 Kavkaztrans, installation (print on vinyl, music, video-proection), "Iragi" Gallery, Paris, France.
2003 Есть чо?, interactive comix (print on film, painting, video), The State Tretyakov Gallery on the Crimean shaft (hall 63), Moscow, Russia.

- group:

2014 Post-Pop: East meets West, gallery "Saatchi", London, UK.
  Pussy Rayot and Cossacks, Havremagazinet Art Center, Boden, Sweden.
2013 Avant-art. Gestures, Museum of Contemporary Art, Wroclaw, Silesia.
2012 Decoration of beautiful, The State Tretyakov Gallery on Krymsky Val, Moscow, Russia.
  Silence is death, Artpley, Moscow.
  In total disarray. Kandinsky Prize 2007-2012, the Santa Monica Arts, Barcelona, ​​Spain.
  Russian renaissance, Brot Kunsthalle, Vienna, Austria.
2010 Russian Utopia, Garage, Moscow, Russia.
  ART-Paris, video-lightboxes, Grand Palais, Paris, France.
2009 A   prizewinner  of   the   "Kandinsky   award"   for   the   work   "Russian   Buddha",  installation (sculptures, video), Louise Blouin Foundation, London, GB.
  ART-Paris, video-lightboxes, Grand Palais, Paris, France.
2008 INVASION:  REJECTION, "Rejection" diptych, part I (print  on plastic, video), Red October Gallery, Moscow, Russia.
  Deformity  crisis, "Rejection" diptych, part  II (print on plastic, video),  "Paperworks" Gallery, Moscow, Russia.
  Objectionable  Art, "Party in Kreml", installation (print on plastic, video), 00130 Gallery, Helsinki, Finland.
  GREAT REPRESSION, "Snow", video, WHITE BOX Gallery, New York, USA.
  Who are you?,  international  symposium  of  contemporary   art   "Biruchiy  008",   Zaporozhye, Ukraine.
2007 СОЦ-АРТ, video, "Maison Rouge", Paris, France.
  Theatrum Mundi, Kavkaztrans, installation, "Anne-de-Ville Phua" art-gallery, Paris, France.
2006 ART-Forum, Kavkaztrans, installation  (print on vinyl, music, video-proection), Berlin, Germany.
  The State Tretyakov Gallery, MUSE, installation, (print on plastic, video-proection),  permanent exposition, Moscow, Russia.
2005 ACCOMPLICE, "ПГ - недеяния", (print on vinyl, video-proection, objects), The State               Tretyakov Gallery on the Crimean shaft, Moscow, Russia. 
  RUSSIA 2,  "Люби,  на!",  interactive  comix  (print on plastic,  video),  Central  House  of  Artist, Moscow, Russia.
2004 BUBBLE. Comix in contemporary art, "Есть чо?", interactive  comix (print on plastic, video), GELMAN Gallery, Moscow, Russia.
2002 International Cetinje Biennale, action "Лицо мусульманской национальности" and architecture installation "Погранзастава", Cetinje, Montenegro.
2001 ART-Moscоw, "PG Museum", installation (objects, video, posters), Central House of Artist, Moscow, Russia.