anna gidora

Born in 1959 in the village of Studenok, Sumy region. Studied at the Sumy Art Studio of Boris Danchenko, after - at the Kursk Pedagogical Institute (art and graphic faculty). She is an artist-painter, master of land art, teacher, organizer and curator of international events. Member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine. Lives and works in Kiev.





Selected exhibitions and art-projects:

- solo:

2006 Painting by A. Gidora, Central House of Artists, "New Square" gallery, Moscow, Russia.
2004 personal exhibition, "Triptych" gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine.
2002 personal exhibition, "Triptych" gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine.
2001 personal exhibition, "Triptych" gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine.
2000 Signs Lost by Time, Central Artist's House, Moscow, Russia.
1999 personal exhibition, "Triptych" gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine.
  personal exhibition, gallery "APT" C-UMS ", Sumy, Ukraine.
1998 personal exhibition, "Watercolor" gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine.
1996-1998 personal exhibitions  in "AV OVO", Sumy, Ukraine.
1995 personal exhibition, gallery "Dah", Kyiv, Ukraine.
1993 personal exhibition, "Triptych" gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine.

- group:

2006 group exhibition of Ukrainian artists, gallery "Impressium", Munster, Germany.
  Modern painting, gallery "MASON MURER", Atlanta, USA.
2005 Women's Painting, Atlanta, USA.
2002-2005 group exhibitions of painting, drawing and sculpture in the gallery "Triptych", Kyiv, Ukraine.
  exhibition of paintings, gallery "Diamond-ART", Moscow, Russia.
2002 VI International Land-art Symposium "Borderland space", Sumy region, Ukraine.
2001 Spring, gallery "Diamond-ART", Moscow, Russia.
  Land-art. Mogritsa - 01, the village of Mogritsa, Sumy region, Ukraine.
2000 all-Ukrainian exhibition "The Light of Faith through the World of Images", Kyiv, Ukraine.
  City landscape, Central House of Artists, Moscow, Russia.
  The Central House of Artists, Moscow, Russia.
1999 Symbols of the current, Center for Contemporary Art, Kyiv, Ukraine.
  Tea drinking in the arbor. Guidora, Bludov, Juravel, Shkarupa. Sumy Art Museum, Sumy, Ukraine.
1998 Nothing, a symbol and something. Dedicated to VM Vernadsky, Sumy, Ukraine.
  International Art Festival, Kyiv, Ukraine.
1997 Black - Red, Kyiv, Ukraine.
1996 International Art Festival, Kyiv, Ukraine.
1994-1996 Doubler, Sumy, Kanev, Ukraine
1994-1999 Raku-ceramics (co-curator), Okhtyrka, Sumy, Kyiv, Ukraine.
1995 Modern Ukrainian graphics, Kaliningrad, Russia; Gdansk, Poland.
1994 The first Kyiv art fair.
  Ukrainian-American Exhibition of Contemporary Art, Kyiv, Ukraine.
  ARTE-94. PADOVA, Padua, Italy.
1993 Fair of art galleries in Kyiv, Ukraine.
1992 From Pleistocene to Holocene, Museum of Paleontology, Moscow, Russia.
  ARTE-92. PADOVA, Padua, Italy.
  Geometry of spirit, Sumy, Kyiv, Ukraine.
1991 Minitriptih, Kyiv, Ukraine.
  Exhibition of Contemporary Ukrainian Art "New Names", Vienna, Austria.
  Exhibition of Contemporary Ukrainian Art, Budapest, Hungary.
  International Small Art Exhibition, Toronto, Canada.
  One hundred Ukrainian Creators of Peace, Kyiv, Ukraine.
  Republican Art Spring Exhibition, Kyiv, Ukraine.
1990 Sednev-90, Republican exhibition of young artists, Kyiv, Ukraine.
  Exhibition of the group "ART'S", Sumy, Kiev, Ukraine; Lublin, Poland.