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1970 - 2009

Born in Lviv, Ukraine. Graduated from the Institute of Decorative and Applied Arts, Department of Art Glass, St. Petersburg. Worked in the technology of easel painting and stained glass. Author's works are presented in private collections in Ukraine, Germany and Great Britain. Lived and worked in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Selected exhibitions and art-projects:

- solo:

2006  Nacre and gold, KARAS Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine.
2000  No name, KARAS Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine.
1999  Tandem, together with O. Kirillova, KARAS Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine.
  Good, KARAS Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine. 
1998 Meeting with beautiful, KARAS Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine.
1997  Nu, KARAS Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine. 
1996 Bycycle, KARAS Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine.
  • group:
2009 As variant, International symposium of contemporary art "Biruchiy 009", Zaporizhzhya, Ukraine.
2001 Dialogue with quote, KARAS Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine.
1999 Connection becomes an art, sixth exhibition "Information and Connection - 99", Kyiv, Ukraine.
  XX Ukrainian Artists (the end of century), KARAS Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine.
1998 Victory, BJ-Art Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine.
  Youth exhibition, The Ukrainian House, Kyiv, Ukraine.
  International art-festival, "Ukrainian house" center, Kyiv, Ukraine.
1997 Plain-air, Bardejov, Slovakia.
  Spring exhibition, UN Council in Ukraine.
  Youth symposium, Alupka, Crimea, Ukraine.
1996 The Last Supper - 2, action together with A. Fedirko, Slavutich Gallery, Kyiv.
1995 Snov - 95, art group, Sednev settlement, Ukraine.
  Artists Against Violence, KIEV Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine.
1994 P.S., ART Museum, Uzhgorod, Ukraine.
  Hortitsa: Ukraine, Finland, Germany. ARTZEBS Gallery, Zaporizhzhya, Ukraine.
  Hortitsa - 94, KIEV Gallery, Zaporizhzhya - Kyiv, Ukraine.
1993 Impreza - 93, Ivano-Frankivsk, diploma for painting.
1992 ВЖЕ, National Museum, Lviv, Ukraine.